Jesus was born. Jesus was murdered by the unfair and dirty-dealings of people operating in both a corrupt religious system and a corrupt governmental system. Does that make Jesus unique? No, it doesn’t. So what, exactly, makes Jesus and His death mean anything more than the deaths of his disciples after Him or the hundreds of thousands through history and today who die in similar circumstances?

The unique and life-transforming nature of Jesus’ death is “The Gospel.” Join us online Palm Sunday, April 5th, as we start this 2-part series, explaining the Gospel in Jesus’ death and, on Easter Sunday, The Gospel in Jesus’ resurrection .

FBC’s leadership is doing everything we can to keep us all connected during this CORVID-19 quarantine. Please bear with us, pray for us , and communicate with us during this challenging time. The Holy Spirit will provide a lot of great ideas through our congregation, so reach out to us if you see a way we can do things more effectively.

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